Demonstrating The Installation

Today demonstrating the installation process for the EDN 2000 recessed flashing to select will be using the white polyurethane finish GGE window of the PBX area before you begin your installation it’s a good idea to ensure you have everything you only the GGE you and low 40060 window the EDN MO for 2000. Flashing including installation and undeveloped colors and PBX MO full vapor barrier remove the window from the box is remove the sash in the front the sash is disengaged by fully rotating and depressing the two small buttons on the hinges please note that you should follow. The instruction manual from the EDN flashing it probably instructions from the window next establish the opening for the window the installation fountains at the top and bottom of the window should be positioned so that the opening is the length of the window class hundred and 85 mm and with +70 to 80 mm. the top of the lower installation should be positioned at least 140 mm below with a frame of the window will set you should also be positioned in relation to the coping of the slaves described in the instructions infiltrating should be installed on the count of all the wrong. The roof construction does not include counter to bring us up to the level where the window perfectly fitted in order to achieve a splayed internal lining for maximum light the window should be positioned in relation to the roof structure typically internal lining the top of the window.

Can run horizontally in the lining of the bottom of the window can run vertically 50 L-shaped bracket supplied with a flashing. Robert the corner brackets from the window The felt in the opening as shown in staple in place trimming any excess felt away assembly installation color and screw into place in the of the self-adhesive. Foam sections to the science of the winter now set the frame into the a ensure the bottom of the frame is sitting horizontally and fix one of the Baltimore then fix one screw into the horizontal slot in the bracket diagonally opposite leaving at 10 mm proud reinsert the sash of the window. By inserting the proteins pieces into the corresponding group and closing the window check the gap between the window and the frame is Stephen Holdaway round in the window can be opened and closed smoothly once satisfied that the window has been installed. Squarely remove the sash and finish fixing the remainder of the screws in the if the installation is into accounts of the roof market section of the count of Athens above the window with a transverse drainage custom will set the should be at an angle of at least 3° now remove. The monk sections this step is not necessary roof is not count to the roofing felt along the angle at which the transverse drainage guessable sent home in the flat and apply the ceiling provided at the side fit the undeveloped color to the frame ensuring the elongated and is located.

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