Remove The Strips

At the top remove the strips on the foam sections attached to the window to expose the self-adhesive surface venues this to attach the undeveloped color to the side of the window shape the color around the surrounding mountains and staple in place fit the drainage of the above the window ensuring that it’s extended. To cover space wide open the window itself Dolby overhang the felt: over and trim the excess felt laser felt color into the drainage custom been lay in the flat that was created in the roofing felt fixing things with the clips provided now fit the flashing kit and external having parts of the window. Visa number 1 to 7 on the installation instructions of the parts themselves remember as a using an EDN flashing the pop for supplied with a flashing kit should be used in the possible supplied with the window should be discarded fit part one to the window this is false and once pop.

To is screwed in place clamps on top to the removed as per the instructions starting at the bottom of the window ultimately place the sites focus on three and slaves of the sides of the window fit potholes over the sentence remembering to use their supplied with a flashing. Robin from the window outside personnel screwed into place followed by the section which is part of the six on the top flashing peace part of the seven using the extension piece applied if necessary this will depend on the thickness of the slaves this is an fixed in place with folding. Times finish lazing around the window ensuring the sites above the window a 6200 mm clear at the top of the window replaced the sash of the window fit the PBX vapor barrier according to the instructions this prevents the buildup of moisture within the roof structure ensures compliance with anti-requirements the installation is now complete.


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